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Examples of Shadowboxes - continued
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United States Army
Medals and decorations of a WWII Veteran.
World War II
Awards, medals a passport and personal photos enhance this shadowbox from a World War II veteran.

Virgina Techopoly
Special Virginia Tech Monopoly board. What's your favorite -opoly?
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Ice Skates
These skates were brought in by a daughter to celebrate her mother's 75th birthday. The skates are mounted in a six inch deep shadow box, along with a picture. This will allow "Mom" and her family to have her skates on display and remember the pleasure they brought her.
1996 Atlanta Olympics Memorabilia
Tickets from the Atlanta Olympics, along with a collection of lapel pins from previous Olympic Games.
Citadel Decorations
Preserving memories from the Citadel in South Carolina. This graduate will treasure these memories throughout his lifetime.
Child's Tuxedo

Favorite Pipes
This 3 inch deep shadowbox contains pipes which have now become family keepsakes. The rich chestnut-stained shadowbox is lined in green suede to enhance the wood of each pipe.
Hickory Tavern Letterman Jacket
Memories of a Hickory Tavern athlete.
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Here is a rustic shadow box with a collection of seashells brought in by a customer. Her father scowered the beaches of Florida and South Carolina in the '60s to comlete this collection.

Front Page News
Here is another example of a shadow box with a book inside. This was a commemorative Sports Illustated issue highlighting Syracuse team's championship.
A Blessing From the Holy Father
A shadowbox to display pictures and keepsakes from a lifetime dedicated to service in the Catholic Church.
High School Diploma
Display your diploma and tassle with pride in a shadowbox.
Playing Augusta National
A towel, scorecard and golf ball are a perfect way to remember the honor of playing on this beautiful course.
national guard
Kansas National Guard
Medals and decorations from a member of the National Guard.
Youth Baseball
These things commemorate a young man's little league baseball career. This is an example of a shadow box with many different things in it. Other things that could have gone in here could be players' spikes, autographed baseballs, etc.
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