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Examples of Shadowboxes

This page contains some samples of shadow boxes to give you an idea of what one is and what can be done with them. All of the following shadow boxes were made by Bob Gecy at The Shadow Box Frame Gallery.

Shadow boxes are similar to picture frames, but they have sides giving them more depth and more space inside to put all sorts of things. 

"Do you have family memories stored away?
We specialize in preserving your life's memories."

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Hillcrest High School Softball
This 4" deep shadowbox displays a softball pitcher's uniform, cleats, glove and a signed softball. Three championship rings and medals help commemorate many victories for the school's team.
1962 Reading Dream Kitchen
This model kitchen displays the famous American kitchen designed by Reading, a replica from top to bottom.

Bride's Maids' Doll Gown
This "shadowless" shadowbox uses a standard size frame with a glass box that extends outward from the frame. Click the images for more detail.

Don Henley Signed Drumstick
Don Henley of The Eagles. Great to admire, fun to play with. The drumstick is specially-mounted to be removed and handled. The glass door  opens for easy access.

Mama Bea's Necklace

This shadow box contains jewelry worn by Mama Bea, Connie's grandmother. This collection hangs in our gallery as a lasting memory to a dear lady. Before framing these earbobs and necklace, they were tucked away and forgotten in a drawer.

United States Navy
Displaying a sailor's uniform and medals are a great way to remember a loved one.
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United States Air Force
Honorable Discharge papers, photos and medals of an Air Force veteran. Even this standard issue belt has been specially mounted inside for display.
United States Army
This shadoxbox remembers a veteran and his medals from World War II. Two toy soldiers were added as a special keepsake of this soldier.

Canadian Military
These are decorations and medals received by a veteran of the Canadian military. This collection is dated 1917-1919. Awards of this kind are perfect to preserve, protect and display these precious emblems.
hide and shells
Cherokee Spear Heads
Shadow boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Let your imagination run free!
Fishing with Dad
Retire your favorite fishing flies in style. Use fillets to enhance your framing.

Moccasins in Shadow-less Box
This is a special "Shadow-less" box with three inch glass extending from the frame for a 180 degree view. Enlarge the image for a closer look.

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A Tribute to Annika Sorenstam
This shadowbox exhibits the LPGA Hall of Fame program from her Induction Ceremony. Also displayed are personal memorabilia and a golf ball signed by Annika.

1950's Braves Jersey
This shadow box contains a jersey worn by a minor league Braves baseball player in the 1950's.
Happy 80th Birthday
A lifetime full of memories including
jewelry, photos and even a lock of hair from mom's childhood is preserved in this beautiful shadowbox. Now we're able to enjoy all of these treasures.
2006 Masters Golf Classic
Masters tickets, flag and tournament program. This is a great gift to commerate any golfer's visit to the Masters.

Mauldin Mavericks - State Champs
Remember the home run that won the game. Display your victory with pictures, a news article and a uniform.
Man's Best Friend

The family pet will always be remembered with this thoughtful shadowbox.

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